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EUGridPMA Geneva 2019 Meeting
EUGridPMA Geneva 2019

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46th EUGridPMA meeting and GN4-3 Enabling Communities activity, SURF Hoog Catharije, Utrecht, NL

The 46th EUGridPMA meeting and GN4-3 Enabling Communities activity will take place in SURF Hoog Catharije, Utrecht, NL, from Mon May 20, 13:00, 2019 till Wed May 22, 12:30, 2019 and is gratiously hosted by SURFnet.

WhenMon May 20, 13:00, 2019 till Wed May 22, 12:30, 2019
WhereSURF Hoog Catharije, Utrecht, NL
RegistrationRequired via this web page**
(**) Only members of a PMA and confirmed applicants can register for the PMA section of the event, others should send a request to the chair.


Utrecht, located in the middle of the Netherlands, lies a 30min direct trainride away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (IATA: AMS, ICAO: EHAM) and - with 24x7 connections every 10-15 min - can be easily reached from anywhere in the world. Hotels are plentiful in the area: get one in the centre and/or close to the main train station and you'll be fine. The meeting room is 2min walking from the main train station.

This meeting is joint with the GN4-3 Enabling Communities activity and welcoming the "AARC NA3" policy and best practice harmonisation team.

Meeting information

The EUGridPMA meeting agenda will be available from the links below. Use the on-line meeting materials link to attach your presentations (upload password will be given to you at the meeting venue or on request).

Minutes of the meeting

  • usually minutes are only available after the meeting ...


Videoconferencing will be available, hosted on the CERN Vidyo system, including a H323 capability, SIP dial-in, and PSTN. To connect
  • Connect with a web browser to http://vidyoportal.cern.ch/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (and download the vidyo client if needed).
    You can join as a guest: click on the Guest button and provide a self-chosen name (preferably your own)
    If you want to use the chat function, install the VidyoDesktop client version 3 first and start it (no need to log in!) - the same URL above will then automatically log you in to the right room
  • Connect using WebRTC to https://vidyowebrtc.web.cern.ch/?key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (experimental)
  • Connect with H323 or SIP to vidyogw.cern.ch ( and enter conference ID: 109338677#
    Alternative endpoints are at vidyogw04:, or try one of the old vidyo servers at e.g.:
  • Connect with H323 to cern-vidyo-gateway0.internet2.edu ( and [2001:48a8:68fe:5::80]) and enter conference ID: 109338677#
  • The vidyo client is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. It is also available for various Linux flavours.
  • Direct SIP connections to sip:109338677@vidyogw.cern.ch ... or enter code 109338677#
  • Call one of the following dial-in numbers and enter conference ID "109338677#":
    • +31 20 7165248 (Amsterdam, NL)
    • +1 630 840 5470 (US and Canada - Batavia, IL)
    • +1 631 344 2616 (US and Canada - Upton, NY)
    • +420 9 50072376 (Prague, CZ)
    • +41 22 7671400 (Geneva, CH)
    • +34 91 1233708 (Madrid, ES)
    • +44 20 30510622 (London, UK)
    • +33 48 1077580 (RENATER, France)
    • +420 2 28880755 (Prague, CZ)
    • +49 40 8998 1350 (Germany, DE)
    • +86 108 823 6019 (Beijing, CN)
  • See CERN Vidyo documentation for more solutions
    Download the full desktop client for chat support and participant listing from the CERN website or here for windows, linux, debian, RPM/RedHat, and Mac.
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